Department Solution Sets (Hoopla)

What are Solution Sets?

To help you get started with Hoopla quickly, we offer different Solution Sets that jump-start the setup process. When you enable a set, we define Metrics, Leaderboards, Newsflashes, and a Channel that pertain to your department. Currently, we offer sets for Sales and Marketing; we’ll soon add sets for Product and Corporate Communication.

The coolest part about each Solution Set is that you’ll get to input some data of your own, resulting in a Channel that will reflect data for your team! Once you exit the setup flow, you’re free to edit all the things we’ve created for you, so that your Channel meets your specific needs.

How do I enable a Solution Set?

When you log into your account for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enable a Solution Set. Just click on the tile that represents your department, and you’ll be taken through the setup flow.

If you initially dismiss the prompt, you can access it later from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner - click on Hi, (your name) > Solution Sets.

You can only enable each Solution Set once. If you’ve enabled all the available Solution Sets, the menu option will disappear from your drop-down menu.

What information do I provide for the Solution Set?

For the Sales Solution

  • We’ll prompt you to add five users. (You can also select from your existing users).

  • In the second step, Hoopla will create a set of standard sales metrics for you, and give you a chance to enter values for each of your five users, and for the Sales team as a whole. We provide default values in case you want to skip this part and add data through an integration later on.

  • That’s it! Once you’ve entered Users and Metric values, Hoopla can create an awesome starter Channel for you. You’ll be able to view the Channel in the final step of the setup flow.

For the Marketing Solution

  • We'll first help you configure a Twitter update step for your Channel, so we'll ask for your Twitter handle and what information you'd like to display from Twitter.

  • Next, we'll give you the chance to enter a few values for some Marketing Metrics. If you don't have the values on hand, we provide some solid default numbers.

  • Once we have that info, we'll generate a Marketing Channel for you! You'll be able to view that Channel in the final step of the setup flow.

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