Fan User (Hoopla)

Administrator's guide to a Fan User

If you are an Admin within Hoopla, you have the option to assign the Fan role to any of your Users. A Fan user differs from the a Standard User (Player/Admin/Team Admin) and requires a different license* type. Fans are essentially Players who aren't tied to metrics. Fans can view Channels, the Activity Feed and be Watchers on Leaderboards, but are prevented from appearing on Leaderboards, participating in Challenges or triggering specific types of Newsflashes.


*If you're interested in getting set up with Fan licenses, reach out to your CSM to get started.

How do I add Fan Users?

  1. Under Configure, navigate to the Users & Teams section and click on Users.

  2. Select Add > Single User or Many Users. Note: if you are integrated with Salesforce, it will ask you if you want to add users via Salesforce. Click "No, add users manually"; Fan users cannot be added via Salesforce.

  3. In the next screen, select Fan License and enter the users First and Last name and email address.

  4. If adding many Fans, you may either manually input the Users' names and email addresses or upload them via a csv/xls file.

  5. Once you click Save, those users will receive a welcome email instructing them to setup a password and complete their User profile.

How do I assign the Fan Role to an existing User?

  1. Under Configure, navigate to the Users & Teams section.

  2. Select the User to whom you want to assign the Fan role.

  3. Under the "type of license" section, click on the Fan License* radio button.

  4. Click Save.

*IMPORTANT - if you are moving a User from a Standard License to a Fan license, any of the associated Metrics, Leaderboards, and other entities will be removed for that particular user.

I've added Fan Users - now what?

  1. Watchers: Once you have a set of Fan users, you may now add them as Watchers to a variety of entities within Hoopla. We recommend adding them as Watchers on company-wide Channels, Leaderboards and Newsflashes so they can stay up to date on important news & events.

  2. Birthdays & Anniversaries: If Fan Users have a birthday and/or anniversary in their profile, they will appear on all applicable Calendar Event Steps. Fans can add their own Birthdays/Anniversaries within their profile, or Admins can upload Birthdays/Anniversaries via a csv file upload.

  3. Quickfire Newsflashes: You may also give your Fan users the option to trigger Quickfire Newsflashes so they can post fun messages and photos.

What are the limitations for Fan Users?

  • Fans will be able to login to Hoopla and edit their User Profile. This includes uploading a Profile pic, adding their birthday/anniversary, a walk up song and/or a transition video.

  • Fans will not be tied to any metrics within Hoopla. As such, any associated entities will be hidden for Fans, such as Challenges within the Activity Feed & the Dashboard tab. Fans also cannot be added as Players on any Leaderboards, Challenges, Metric Newsflashes, Streaming Newsflashes, or Metric Steps.

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