Priority Cards (Hoopla)

How do I set up Priority Cards for a Dashboard?

As an admin, you may want your Players to pay close attention specific Metrics & Leaderboards on their Dashboards. By setting Priority Cards, you can prioritize which Metrics & Leaderboards appear at the top of your Players' Dashboard. When your Players log into their Dashboards, they will see these cards (marked PRIORITY) first. 

*Note: Each Player's Dashboard is comprised of both Priority and Trending cards. If you aren't able to set up Priority Cards right away, your Players will still see personalized Metric & Leaderboard data on their Dashboards. 

How To Set up Priority Cards


  1. Navigate to Configure >Users & Teams > Priority Cards.

  2. Click on the Create button in the top right hand corner to set up your first set of Priority Cards.

Select Viewers:

  1. In this first section, give your set of Priority Cards a name, and select which Players these Priority Cards should apply to. For example, if you are setting up the Priority Cards for your East Coast Sales Team, name it East Coast Priority Deck and select that team from your dropdown. 

  2. You may select any combination of Users & Teams.

  3. Click Next.

Select Cards: 

  1. In this second section, select which Metrics and/or Leaderboards you want to set as Priority Cards.

  2. Choose from existing Metric and Leaderboard steps in a specific Channel or manually select Metric & Leaderboard data.

  3. Choose from a specific channel if you've already set up a channel for a specific team. In the example above, if you're setting up Priority Cards for the East Coast team, and you already have a channel containing important Metrics & Leaderboards for that team, choosing this option will streamline the process. 

  4. You may select up 7 Metrics and/or Leaderboards total. 

  5. Manually select Metric & Leaderboard data if you don't already have a channel set up for your group of Players, or if the channel you have selected is missing important Metrics/Leaderboards. 

  6. First select a card type: Metric or Leaderboard.

  7. Next choose from a specific Metric or Leaderboard.

  8. If you've chosen a Metric card, choose how you want to display that Metric: User, Team or Generic Identifier.

  9. Click Next.

Arrange and Publish:

  1. In this final section, you will see a basic layout of how the Priority Cards will be arranged. 

  2. The very top spot on the page, called the "Top Priority Card," is where the most important Metric or Leaderboard should live. 

  3. Drag and drop the cards until you achieve your desired layout.  

  4. You have the option to Add/Delete Cards from your set, Cancel, Preview or Publish. 

  5. Click Preview to see how the cards look for any specific Player; you may toggle between Players by clicking on "View As" in the top left corner.

  6. Once you are satisfied with your configuration, click Publish. Your Players will now see this set of Priority Cards when they log into Hoopla and view the Dashboards tab. 

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