Set-Up Mode (Hoopla)

Learn how to get Hoopla set up before inviting users to join

What is Setup Mode?

The purpose of Setup Mode is to give the admin the opportunity to configure Users, Metrics, etc., for the first time, such that invites and other emails are not sent to Users until the Admin turns off Setup Mode. 

How does it work?

No need to do anything! By default, Setup Mode is ON for anyone starting a new account with Hoopla. A blue information bar will be at the top of the page, reminding the admin they are using Hoopla in Setup Mode.

What if I want to send welcome emails to specific users and remain in Setup Mode?

No problem! Simply navigate to Configuration > Users and Teams, and select the User for whom you would like to enable emails. Under “Invitation Status” click on “Send Invite and Enable Emails”. That User will then receive an email inviting them to start using Hoopla, and any subsequent emails related to product usage.

How do I turn off Setup Mode?

Simply go into Settings and click on “Turn Off” under Setup Mode. You will be prompted to confirm you would like to turn off Setup Mode. Once Setup Mode is turned off, welcome emails will be sent to all Users you have added to Hoopla manually. Users added to Hoopla through the Salesforce integration will NOT receive an invite. If you enabled emails for specific Users before turning off Setup Mode, those Users will not receive a duplicate welcome email.

*Please note, once turned off, Setup Mode cannot be turned on again. 

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