Managing Points (only) (Hoopla)

If you're interesting in just using the Points feature (instead of Points with Rewards) follow the steps below to set up and manage your points program.

Note: Points are not yet live in Hoopla. If you are interested in being a beta tester for Points, please reach out to us to get started.

  1. To get started using Points, navigate to Configure>Users & Teams>Points & Rewards

  2. For first time setup, you will see a popup asking how you'd like to use Points (with or without Rewards).

    1. If you'd like to use our Rewards platform along with Points, click on the button to be connected with our Sales team to get started.

    2. If you just want to use Points, click on the corresponding button.

  3. The Points page is dived into two parts: Points Header and Point Management.

  4. The header will display the following:

    1. Total points distributed to date.

    2. Link to download Points distribution (Retrieve Points History)

    3. Link to setup a Rewards store (if you change your mind after the fact).

  5. Within the Point Management section, you can add users to give points to and manually add or subtract points for your users.

  6. If you would like Hoopla to send an email to your users when they receive new points, check the box that says "Email players whenever they receive points."

    1. Emails will be sent to any user any time their point value increases (we will not notify any Users if their point value decreases). This applies to all types of point awards (manual, Challenges or Newsflashes).

  7. The Points Management user list can be filtered by role or you may use the search box to locate a specific user.

  8. Points can be added for any of your users, regardless of role (from Fans to Admins).

  9. To mass add points to a group of users, click on the file upload link.

    1. Files can be uploaded in csv or xls formats

    2. Your file must contain a column with an "Email" header and email addresses of your users and a column with a “Points” header. Hoopla supports CSV and XLS file types.

  10. To add points to Users manually, you must add a user first by selecting at least one User or Team from the Add users/teams drop down menu.

    1. Adding a Team will add all members of the selected Team.

    2. To remove a User from the list, simply click on the minus button at the end of the row for each user. *Note: deleting a user will also remove all their points.

  11. Add points to a user by inputting a value in the text field for each user.

    1. You may also remove points for each user if you input a negative value in this field

  12. Click Save in the top right hand corner after adding users or adding/deleting points to save your changes.

Other Ways to Earn Points

Your Users can also earn points by triggering specific Newsflashes or winning a Hoopla Challenge. Currently Points can be earned by triggering Metric or Streaming Newsflashes only. Points can be earned by winning any challenge type (Faceoffs, Races, Battles or Tournaments).

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