Copy a Channel (Hoopla)

Learn how to clone your channel by copying it to a new segment

If you're interested in turning your channel's lineup into a Reusable segment, you may now easily do so. Within each Channel's details, there is a copy button, which will allow you to copy over the steps (and their configurations) in that channel into a segment. As a reminder, Reusable Segments allow you to centrally manage content intended to be broadcast across multiple channels.

Copying a Channel

  1. Within Channels & TVs>Channels, click into the channel you wish to copy.

  2. In the upper right hand corner, click the Copy button, then click Ok. 

  3. Once your Reusable Segment has been successful created, you will see a success banner appear at the top of your screen with a link to the segment. The newly created segment will also be available immediately under the Available Segments tab in your channel details. 

  4. Your newly created Reusable Segment will contain all the steps and step configurations (e.g. transitions, backgrounds, duration, etc) that exist in the lineup.

Note: We will not copy over any Ticker feeds or existing Reusable or Scheduled Segments in your lineup.

TIP! If you want to tweak your new segment, simply go into the Segments tile, locate the segment you've created and make any adjustments you like.

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