Connect Dynamics to Hoopla (Hoopla)

Learn the steps to begin sending Dynamics data to Hoopla

Integrating Dynamics with Hoopla is an easy way to automate management of Users and Teams, as well as updates to Metrics, all by leveraging data from your Dynamics account. Additionally, you can trigger real time newsflash events whenever a field changes in Dynamics, such as closing an opportunity to trigger a virtual sales gong or breaking news alerts.


Here's how to configure the Dynamics connector:

Go to the Integrations section on the home admin panel or on the left navigation bar and click the Add Integration menu and select Dynamics.

  1. Navigate to Dynamics Integration Configure > Integrations > Dynamics

  2. Click the “Connect to Dynamics” button

3. Follow the prompts in the pop up box to log into your Dynamics account and complete the authorization. Give your Dynamics integration a name and provide the unique URL for your Dynamics org.

4. Once you’ve successfully authenticated, you will be taken back to the Dynamics integration and you’ll be able to see the authorization details in the Settings section on the right hand side of the screen.

5. Select a time zone. Hoopla will use this timezone setting to sync Dynamics data to Hoopla. This should be set to your CRM timezone.

6. Click the check mark to save your timezone settings.


Next step is to create Teams and add users

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