Connect Salesforce to Hoopla (Hoopla)

Learn the steps to begin sending Salesforce data to Hoopla

Integrating Salesforce with Hoopla is an easy way to automate management of Users and Teams, as well as updates to Metrics, all by leveraging data from your Salesforce reports.  Additionally, you can trigger real time newsflash events whenever a field changes in Salesforce, such as closing an opportunity to trigger a virtual sales gong or breaking news alerts.

Here's how to configure the Salesforce connector:

Go to the Integrations section on the home admin panel or on the left navigation bar and click the Add Integration menu and select Salesforce.

Step 1: Authenticate

The first step in establishing a connection between Salesforce and Hoopla is to authenticate the connection with a dedicated user in your Salesforce org. Check out this article to learn more about what settings and permissions are required for that user. Once you've determined which user to use, click "Authenticate with OAuth" button and login using that user's Salesforce credentials.

Step 2: Set the Report folder

If you have a lot of reports in your Salesforce org, you may want to focus which reports Hoopla sees to just the Hoopla Reports folder. Note: you must create the Hoopla Reports folder in Salesforce and create or move the user and data reports here. 

Step 3: Set the Report Synching Window

If you are concerned with limiting the number of API credits Hoopla uses to update data, you can limit the times of day that Hoopla synchs with Salesforce. To learn more about API credits, check out this article.

Be sure and click "Save" in the upper right hand corner of the Salesforce integration page. Your Salesforce connection should now be established and you can move on to connecting the reports to feed data to Hoopla.

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