Content Tags and Shuffle (Hoopla)

What are content tags?

Content tags help you keep your custom images and videos organized and easy to find while you're configuring your Hoopla Channel. When uploading a custom image or video to use on your Channel, you can add one or more tags that categorize that file. For example, you may want to tag your cat video with the tags "animal" and "cat". Hoopla will always automatically add the "Image" or "Video" tag based on the file that you upload.

You should try to add tags to each custom file you upload, so that it's a lot easier for you to find the image/video you're looking for when you need it!

How do I use tags to filter my content options?

  1. When editing your Channel, select a step or Newsflash in your lineup.

  2. In step details, click on the Transition or Background tile to open the content modal.

  3. At the top of the content modal, you can start filtering the graphics by selecting one or more tags. The more tags you select, the narrower your filter results will be.

  4. To add a new tag to a custom image or video, click "Add tags" and start typing. You can add existing tags or create new tags.

  • At this time, you can only add tags to your custom content - not stock content.

Using Tags with the Shuffle Feature

"Shuffle" gives you an automated way to keep your Channel visually fresh.

You can enable Shuffle for any transition or background for Steps and Newsflashes, or for images and videos used in the Image or Video steps. To enable Shuffle, filter your graphics in the content-selector with at least one tag, then select the tile that says "Shuffle all (N) filter results" and click "Select".

Each Channel cycle, Hoopla will switch up the graphic used for that Transition/Background/Image/Video. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your Channel contains a lot of visual variety, keeping it interesting for your audience!

Using Multi-select with the Shuffle Feature

You can also use "Shuffle" for a variety of photos and/or videos, without having to select a specific tag.
To "multi-select" images, go in the content-selector click in the top right corner of each graphic you wish to shuffle. Use multi-select if you want to narrow down a set of images/videos from a specific tag or if you want to select images/videos from a variety of tags.

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