Product Updates (Hoopla)

This article summarizes recent changes and new features that we have introduced to Hoopla. If you missed the release notes, this is a great place to catch up!

February ‘20

January ‘20

November ‘19

  • Filter in Activity Feed- If you’re an Admin or a Team Admin, you now have the option to Filter activities in the Activity Feed by User. Click on the Activity Feed and navigate to the Filter section at the top left. 

October ‘19

  • Save As for Leaderboards, Metric Newsflashes & Streaming Newsflashes -create a copy of your Leaderboard or Newsflash by using Save As.

July '19

June '19

  • YouTube User Transition Videos in Profile

March '19

January '19

December '18

November '18

  • Challenge Center Updates - Admins can view any completed Challenge stats within the Challenge Center for up to seven (7) days. 

October '18

September '18

July '18

  • Broadcast YouTube Videos - Our Webpage step now supports autoplay for YouTube videos! 

  • Alignment for Data Tables - when configuring a Data Table on your channel, you have the option to set the alignment for each column under Edit Column Display.

June '18

  • Notifications - You may have noticed something new in the top right hand corner of Hoopla. Now, whenever anyone comments or likes one of your items on the Activity Feed, we will notify you in the new Notifications section. A red number will appear on the bell icon any time there is a new notification. Click on the bell to see all your new notifications and navigate to your Activity Feed.

May '18

  • Bar Graph Leaderboard - Now you can display up to 40 players (4 per slide) when use a Bar Graph on your channel. 

April '18

March '18

  • Report Syncing - If you find yourself frequently exceeding your data integration API limits.ow you can set a specific time window for syncing by setting sync hours in your Salesforce, Google or Excel integration pages.

  • Activity Feed Refresh - Activity details have been brought to the surface saving you the trouble of clicking into each activity. Below each activity item, you’ll be able to interact with each post, by clicking “Like” or posting a comment. This is a great way to give kudos to your teammates for closing a big deal or reaching the top of a leaderboard. Copy Channel into

  • Copy a channel and turn it into Reusable Segment

February '18

January '18

  • Leaderboard Insights for Multiboard Leaderboards

  • Metric & Leaderboard Links - easily navigate through your Metrics & Leaderboards to see where Metrics are being used on a specific Leaderboard, Metric Newsflash or Metric Step or which Channels and/or Segments where a Leaderboard is being displayed. You can also easily navigate to the Leaderboards, Metric Newsflashes and/or Metric Steps where that Metric is being used. All of these links are available in the Metric & Leaderboard details.

December '17

  • New Admin Experience - Managing your Hoopla account is now easier than ever! In the Configure tab you can use the left sidebar to directly jump from Metrics to Leaderboards, or from Newsflashes to Channels. If you'd like more space, you can collapse the sidebar at any time using the minus sign at the top. You'll also notice that we've consolidated your content into 6 main groups in Configure. These new tiles are listed in the sidebar, so you can use either to find your way around.

  • New Faceoffs Hub! - Click into Challenges -> Faceoffs tile to view & manage all active & future Faceoffs. In this new section you can edit, cancel or even initiate a Faceoff, all in one easy-to-use view!

  • Activity Tab Filtering - Filter between Newsflashes, Faceoffs, Insights or any combination of the three to easily locate the activities that are relevant to you.

November '17

  • Profile Leaderboard Enhancements - Display more than just the top player!

  • Excel Online Integration (Beta) - The Excel Online Integration works similarly to our Google Sheets integration, meaning you can map data to and from Excel & Hoopla and map Data Tables from Excel to Hoopla! This integration is still in beta, so we encourage you to contact us if you see any issues!

October '17

September '17

  • Zapier - Select Zapier from the Integrations drop down, and see all the ways you can use Zapier to pull your data into Hoopla.

  • Data Tables - Create sorted lists of data on your Hoopla TV Channels.

  • Metric Step & Progress Bar - The Number Step has been renamed and includes a new display type, the Progress Bar.

  • Map Salesforce Reports to Team/Generic Metrics - enables you to map Salesforce report data into a Team or Generic Metric, from the Salesforce configuration page.

  • Settings has been moved to the Profile dropdown. The Uploads tab has also been moved— you can now find File Upload & Email Upload in the Metrics tile. Finally, the Leaderboards tab has been renamed Rankings.

August '17

  • Watch Channels - You can now view Channels from the "Watch Channels" tab, provided that you've been added to a Channel as a Watcher or have admin permissions. Just click a Channel in the list to start watching!

  • We've renamed a couple things! Embedded Reports are now called Data Tables and Devices are now called TV Displays.

  • Salesforce Report Wizards - step-by-step flows to help you turn a Salesforce report into a Leaderboard or Data Table on your Channel. You can initiate the wizard flows from the Salesforce integration page.

  • Create Metrics from Leaderboard Configuration - you can now create a new Metric while you’re configuring a Leaderboard; just pick the type and give it a name! Populate the Metric values later using an integration or file upload.

July '17

  • New Default Backgrounds - We’ve added some fresh new stock content which will be applied to your channel whenever you add a new step.

  • Activity Recap Duration - Specify the duration for each Newsflash displayed in the Activity Recap step! Find this new setting in the "Advanced" section of the step's details.

June '17

  • TV Refresh - We have completely revamped the look & feel Hoopla TV!

  • Tips & Tricks Step - Our new step type gives you an easy way to foster productivity with videos containing tips and tricks from industry experts!

  • Team Profile Customization - Upload a unique song and transition video for each Team in Hoopla to be played when that Team is recognized on a Newsflash.

  • Auto-Calculate Team Metrics - Hoopla will auto-calculate values for any Team within Hoopla.

  • Songs for Profile Leaderboards - Within a Profile Leaderboard Step you have the option to play the Player or Team song for whomever is being recognized.

May '17

  • Activity Recap Filter - Put an age filter on the Activity Recap Step

  • Motivational Quote Step - Add this step to your Lineup and we will shuffle different motivational quotes each Channel cycle

  • Integration tiles - You can now add and access integrations from the Configuration home page!

  • Today Countdown - New type of Countdown step called "Today", where you can specify the end time on the current day.

  • Hide Zeroes on Leaderboards - On each Leaderboard in your Channel, you have an option to hide players or teams with values of "0".

  • Multi-Select for Shuffle - When configuring transitions and backgrounds, you can cherry-pick your favorite images and videos to shuffle.

April '17

  • Reusable Segments - Admins can now centrally manage content intended to be broadcast across multiple channels.

  • Admin-Initiated Faceoffs - Admins can initiate Faceoffs between two Players/Teams from a given Leaderboard. Admin-initiated Faceoffs can also be scheduled ahead of time!

  • Team Faceoffs - Admins can start a Faceoff between two Teams, allowing them to compete head-to-head for a set period of time.

  • Quickfire Images & Videos - post an image or video with your Quickfire Newsflash, and it'll show up on your Channel(s).

  • Marketing Solution Set - Curious about using Hoopla in your Marketing department? Enable the Marketing Solution Set to see an example Channel!

March '17

  • Channel Layout Improvement - In Channel configuration, "Boards" and "Extras" were consolidated into one tab, where you can view all the different Channel step types in one section.

  • Scheduled Segments - Create content meant to be broadcasted at a specific date & time.

February '17

  • Repost Newsflashes - Want to repost a Newsflash that may have been missed or is deserving of a second round on the TV? Simply go into your Activity Tab, select the Newsflash you wish you to see again on the TV, and click Repost!

  • Sales Solution Set - enable this feature to help you jump-start the setup process. This flow will quickly help you get a working Sales Channel with a set of your users and metrics! More departments coming soon!

  • Auto-Logout Settings - an added layer of security. Admins can turn this setting on and select how long users can be logged in before auto-logout takes effect. You can find the setting under Configuration > Settings.

  • Unfurling links in the Activity tab - in Slack and Quickfire Newsflashes posted in the Activity tab, we will unfurl the first URL included in the message, showing the title and image/video thumbnail when available.

January '17

  • Slack Integration Enhancements.
    Define Slack Patterns that can trigger Newsflashes and update Metric values when the patterns appear in messages within enabled Slack channels. For advanced users, we've included support for regular expressions, so you can take pattern-matching to the next level!

  • Team & Generic Metric Newsflashes - Kick off a celebration when a Team hits an important milestone as a group, or when you hit goals as a company. For example, trigger a newsflash when your Sales team reaches their revenue goal for the month!

  • Twitter Step - In the Channel configuration page, you’ll find a Twitter step! Once you authenticate with your Twitter account, you can display Tweets or mentions of accounts of your choosing, and even Tweets that contain a specific hashtag!

  • CSV Upload for New Users - If you’re on the Business Edition, you now have an easy way to add multiple new users at once. Just pop their info into a spreadsheet, and upload it in Configuration > Users > Add Many. Boom!

December '16

  • Shuffle - Within each Channel Step or Newsflash, you can enable Shuffle so that Transitions and Backgrounds change with every cycle. You specify which graphics to use by filtering the assets with content tags.

  • What's New - In the user menu in the upper-right corner, you'll see a "What's New" option. Click there to view a list of recently released features!

  • Link Unfurling for Slack and Quickfire Newsflashes - Hoopla TV will unfurl links that you include in your Newsflash messages. "Unfurl" means that you'll see a preview of the content that you've linked; images included!

November '16

  • Mute checkbox for each video transition, background, or video step in your Channel

  • Wider app layout to make configuration easier than ever

  • New stock images and videos

  • Number Step - display one large metric value on a Channel step. Available in the "Extras" section within Channel config.

  • Generic Metrics - support for metric values that can't be represented by a user or a team

  • Device Status - at a glance, view which devices are streaming their assigned Channels

  • Enhancement: Hide Ticker frame if no Twitter or RSS sources have been added to the Channel

  • Bug Fix: Leaderboard config view - Metric names are no longer truncated!

October '16

  • Quickfire Newsflashes- Quickfire Newsflashes help you and your team make announcements on the fly, without having to trigger the Newsflash with a Metric update or some other integration

September '16

  • Activity Recap Redesign- along with a visual redesign, the Activity Recap step now contains full newsflash messages and related data.

  • Push Notifications - now available for all Newsflash types on both Android and iOS

August '16

  • Multi-currency support - specify a currency for each Metric; most currencies are supported.

  • Decimal place settings - for each Metric, specify how many decimal places to display (0,1, or 2).

  • Metric Labels - when editing a Leaderboard, you can set a label for each selected Metric. This label will be used when the Leaderboard is displayed on Hoopla TV.

July '16

  • Slack Newsflashes - post messages to Hoopla TV by using the "/hoopla" command in Slack.

  • Zapier app - use our Zapier app to connect different applications to Hoopla, updating Metrics or triggering Newsflashes.

  • Personalized Transitions for Newsflashes - each user can upload an mp4 file in their profile, which can be used during Newsflashes on Hoopla TV.

  • Streaming Newsflashes appear in the Activity Tab.

June '16

  • Video Step

  • Custom content tagging - allows you to keep custom content grouped and better organized.

  • New in-app support widget

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