Adding a Hoopla Channel to a MS Teams Tab (Hoopla)

How to put a Hoopla Channel into a tab in a MS Team.

Start using Microsoft Teams to view your Hoopla Channel(s). It's easy to do, simply add a new tab in Teams. Watch the video or follow the steps below:

Note: Only Team "Owners" and "Team Members" can add a new tab.


Steps to Add a Hoopla Channel Tab

Click within the Team you want to view the Hoopla Channel and click the plus (+) icon to Add a Tab.

Click on the Website tab

Name the new tab (e.g. Hoopla or Corporate Communication) and paste the Hoopla Channel URL. Make sure the "Post to the channel about this tab"* is checked and click Save.

*Note: Checking "Post to the channel..." will let others on that team know the new tab has been created.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not on that tab, will I still be able to hear notifications?

No, if sounds are enabled in your Channel, you will only hear it when you are viewing the Hoopla tab.

Will it notify the Team's users if there is a new notification, such as a Newsflash or Challenge?

Not right now, but that is coming VERY SOON!

Is everyone viewing the same Channel information, at the same time, within the Team tab?

No, the channel starts once you click on the tab. The same Channel information is included, but it may be on a different view than someone else who opened the tab at a different time.

Can I view the Hoopla Channel in the web version of Teams?

Unfortunately, the web version will not display the Channel. You can get to the Channel by clicking the "Go to website" icon located on the right. It will open the Hoopla Channel in a new browser.

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