Create Data - Users & Teams (Hoopla)

To add users into Hoopla from Dynamics, you must have existing teams within Dynamics. Press the “Create Teams” button and select the Dynamics teams you wish to add into Hoopla. Once created, the added teams will immediately be available for mapping into Hoopla entities such as Metrics and Newsflashes.


  1. Click the Create Teams button.

  2. Within the pop up window, select a team from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Save. Once you click Save, the User/Team sync will begin immediately but may take a few minutes to complete.

  • If the corresponding team already exists in your Hoopla account, the Dynamics users will still get added to that Team.

  • If no corresponding team exists in your Hoopla account, we will create a new Hoopla team with the same name, and add those users as Team members.

  • If you delete the team mapping, only the Dynamics users are removed, not the Hoopla team, regardless of whether the team was automatically created or already existing.

  • As soon as Users have been added to a mapped Dynamics team, they will be pulled into Hoopla within 24 hours.

Next step is to create sets of data




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