COVID-19 Response Kit (Hoopla)

Tools to help your office stay healthy & informed

As COVID-19 is becoming more widespread, offices are taking extra precautionary measures to keep their employees healthy & informed. Here are some of the ways Hoopla can help.

Health Tips 

All Hoopla customers have access to CDC health tip images in the Content library, which can be found under the #COVID19 tag. Here are the steps to add these to your Channel:

  1. Within the Configure tab, navigate to Channels & TV > Channels, and select the Channel you wish to edit.

  2. Within Available Steps, locate the Post step and drag it into your lineup.* 

  3. Select "Image" from the templates, then scroll down to the Image header and click on the blue Select button.

  4. A content window will pop up and filter using COVID19 tag. 

  5. Six CDC health images will appear - click on the "Shuffle all 6 filter results" button and then click the blue Select button. 

  6. Give your Step a Name (for internal use) and click Save. Note: You do not need to add a Caption. 

*If you have many steps in your lineup, you may want to display this multiple times in your lineup. There is no limit to reusing available steps, so add as many as you need!

Stay Informed 

Twitter Step

The Twitter Step is a great way for offices to keep apprised of the latest news related to the COVID19 outbreak. Use the Twitter Step to display tweets from a from a variety of news outlet (local, national & global) to stay up to date on the virus' containment, keep track of school closures & event cancellations and more. 

To use this step you will need to connect your Twitter account. Go to Configuration and click on the Add Integration menu in the upper right corner. Click on Twitter, then authenticate with your Twitter credentials.


Don't forget to add news Twitter accounts to your Ticker as well. 

  1. After you are in your Channel, click Ticker 

  2. Then drag Twitter into your lineup and enter the Twitter Username (e.g. @CNN or @HooplaSoftware)

  3. Click Save


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