Team metrics from Salesforce reports (Hoopla)

How and when to assign a report total to a team

In addition to bringing in data for individual users, you may want to bring in team values from a Salesforce report. In most cases, Hoopla will automatically calculate the team values for you. If your users have values for a metric, the team total will be calculated by adding up the value of every member of the team (Please see Auto-calculated team metrics for more details.) 

So when would you want to bring in a team value directly from a report in Salesforce? Here are some common scenarios:

  • There are users in the report who are not in Hoopla. For example, the report may be tracking companywide sales for the year, but there are people in the report who have left the company.

  • The team value is not equal to the sum of the user values. This would include metrics like Average deal size or Conversion rate.

Mapping a report to a team value

  1. Go to the Salesforce integration page by selecting it in the left navigation bar.

  2. Find the section labeled Metric Sources for Teams / Generic Identifiers. Click Add.

  3. Select the report in Salesforce you wish to map. The report can be in either Summary or Tabular format. The only values that can be used are those in the Grand Totals. This means if you are trying to pull values for multiple teams, you will need a report for each team.

  4. Select a column from the report and a metric in Hoopla. Then choose a team to assign the value to. You can choose more than one column, but only those that have a value in the Grand Totals row.

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