Create a Leaderboard from a Salesforce Report (Hoopla)

Easily Turn a Salesforce Report into a Leaderboard and add it to a channel.

Go to the Salesforce Integration section on the left navigation bar. Once you have mapped your master User report to Hoopla, the Report Wizard section will be available. 

Select "Create a Leaderboard"

  1. Use the dropdown to select a Summary report from Salesforce. You will first need to create your metric report in Salesforce. Click here to learn how.

  2. Next, choose the columns from the report you wish to map to Hoopla metrics. Note: Only summarized fields in the report will show in the first column.

  3. Then select the Hoopla metric to map that column to. If you have not yet created the Hoopla metric, you can create it here by choosing the correct number format.

  4. Select up to 4 columns from the report. The order in which you make your selections will determine the order on the Leaderboard with the first column being the primary ranking metric.

  5. Next, name the Leaderboard. This will be the display name when the leaderboard is added to the Hoopla Channel so be sure to use a clear name for the viewer. Keep the number of characters to 20 or under to avoid cutting off characters on TV. Abbreviations like MTD or QTD are good options if you are trying to shorten the name. 

  6. Choose the players or teams to be ranked on this leaderboard. Just because the users appear on the Salesforce report does not mean they will be added to the Leaderboard automatically. You must specify here. When selecting a team from the dropdown, all players on that team will be added and any changes made to that team later will be reflected on this Leaderboard.

  7. Optionally, you can add watchers to this Leaderboard. Watchers will have view access to this Leaderboard when using the mobile app or logging into the web app.

  8. Next, choose the Channels and Segments where you want this Leaderboard to appear.

  9. The Leaderboard will automatically be added at the beginning of the lineup with the default settings of Classic and the standard backgrounds and transition. 

  10. You can now go to the Channel (s) to make any changes to the display settings of this Leaderboard.

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