Types of Newsflashes (Hoopla)

Newsflashes help you celebrate important employee achievements as they happen or make on-the-fly announcements on your TV Channels.

We support different types of newsflashes:

  • Metric Newsflash triggers off a Metric.  It can recognize an individual User or a collective Team. You can even trigger Newsflashes for Generic Identifier Metrics, when a particular metric value isn't associated with one User or Team, but rather your whole company. Click here for more information.

  • Streaming Newsflash triggers off a Salesforce object.  Specify the criteria that must be met, and Hoopla will track changes to the object. Click here to learn how.

  • Quickfire Newsflash allows you and your team to make an announcement on-the-fly without having to tie it to Metric or Salesforce object changes. Learn on how to create a Quickfire Newsflash.

  • Slack Newsflash allows you and your team to make on-the-fly or scheduled announcements from within Slack. Learn how to configure a Slack Newsflash.

  • Zapier Newsflash allows you to post announcements from another app via a Zap. Learn how to trigger Newsflashes from Zapier.

  • Hoopla API Newsflash allows you to post announcements if you have integrated your custom CRM or data source via the Hoopla API.

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