Supported Hardware Devices (Hoopla)

Which devices to use for best performance

Hoopla displays its high definition channel content on any large screen TV display connected to one of our supported hardware devices. You can use any TV that can display in a wide screen format.


We do not support  smart TV browsers as they are not powerful enough to display our content. We cannot guarantee the reliability and performance of any non-supported device.


Raydiant Screenray Device

This device can be purchased from your Account Manager for $199 plus tax and shipping. It is a small device that fits easily behind each TV. The device is managed from the Raydiant software screen. Ongoing license cost to run Hoopla channels is covered with the Hoopla TV licenses, but it has options to display additional content such as Instagram, Weather, etc.


Dedicated Windows/Mac Laptop or Chromebox



For a dedicated computer driving the TV or monitor, the actual requirements will be determined by your configuration. The more steps you configure in a Channel, the more memory the dedicated computer will need. As a starting point, we require at least 4GB of RAM and a 2GHz (or faster) processor.


  • Note: the number and size of videos used in a channel will have a significant impact on your requirements.

Operating System
 As Hoopla TV runs in Google Chrome, it should be possible to run on any platform that can support the Chrome browser with the appropriate CPU/RAM. We recommend a 64-bit operating system running either Windows or Mac.

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