Dynamics API Credits (Hoopla)

How many API credits does Hoopla use?

For Team/User Syncing:

  • Hoopla will use 3 API credits for the first team sync, plus additional 2 API credits for each additional team, every 24 hours.

For Metric Syncing:

  • Typically, Hoopla uses about 2 to 3 api calls per report run, every 10 minutes; two to start and typically an additional 1 for every +250 items retrieved

  • If the sync size is especially large, takes more than 1 minute, it will take another call, or more.

  • If you are interested in conserving API credits, be sure to adjust your sync interval whenever possible. (e.g. If you only need a metric updated once a day, consider adjusting the sync time to every 24 hours rather than every 10 minutes)

For Newsflashes:

  • Hoopla will use 2 API credits for each Newsflash configured, every 5 minutes.

*These numbers represent the minimum number of calls Hoopla will make per entity. If a team or collection is especially large and requires us to make additional requests, we will use additional credits.

How do I know how many API credits I have?

Your API credit allotment depends on the type of Dynamics user licenses you have. To learn more about this, check out Dynamics' help site here.

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