Create Data - Creating Sets of Data (Hoopla)

Before mapping Dynamics data into Hoopla, you must first define a data set. Once created, these sets of data will immediately be available for mapping into Hoopla entities such as Metrics and Newsflashes.

  1. Click on the Create Data Set button.

  2. Within the pop up window, first give your data set a name. Note: this is for internal use only, so give your data set a name that helps you easily identify it when creating metrics and newsflashes.

  3. Next, select an entity from which to pull the data. Currently we support the following entities:

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Tasks

  • Email

  • Phone calls

4. Finally, follow the prompts for determining the criteria for your data set.

  • Select an entity field from the dropdown (such as Accounts)

  • Select an operation (such as Greater than >)

  • Enter a value

5. You can add additional criteria, otherwise click Save when you are done.


Next steps is to map your data sets into Hoopla metrics.


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