Connecting to Google Sheets (Hoopla)

Set up the integration between Google Sheets and Hoopla

Hoopla's Google Sheets integration enables you to export data from Hoopla to Google Sheets, and import data from Google Sheets to Hoopla. In a Google Sheet, you can perform calculations on your Metric data, producing more sophisticated Metrics that can then be pushed back into Hoopla. You do not have to map data in both directions, but it certainly opens up some fun possibilities if you're also using the Salesforce integration!

Connecting to Google Sheets

  1. Go to the Configure Tab on the main Hoopla Admin screen and click on the Integrations Tile or select Integrations on the lower left hand menu sidebar.

  2.  In the upper right hand corner go to Add Integrations and select Google Sheets.

  3. Click on the Google Sheets tile that was just added to the Config home page.

  4. Connect to your Google account by clicking the Authenticate with OAuth button.

  • You may need to log in to Google, if you haven't already.

  • If you're logged in to multiple accounts, select the account that contains the data you intend to connect with Hoopla.

Click Allow to connect your Google account with Hoopla.

See these articles for instructions on mapping data:

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