Data Tables from Google Sheets (Hoopla)

Data Tables from Google Sheets

If you are using our Google Sheets integration, you can use data from a Google report to show lists of information that are not necessarily related to users. For example, you may want to show a list of last month's "Top 10 Opportunities". Data Tables pull data directly from Google reports, and update on a regular schedule.

How to Configure a Data Table

  1. In Configure > Integrations > Google Integration, find the section called Data Tables.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Use the dropdown to select a Google Sheet to map into Hoopla. Next, select a Sheet Tab 

  4. Optionally, change the report's name in Hoopla.

  5. Select up to 4 columns from the report. The order in which you make your selections will determine the order on Hoopla TV, from left to right.

  6. Optionally, change each column's label in Hoopla.

  7. Schedule how often you want Hoopla to sync with the Google report.

  8. Click OK, then Save.

  9. Next, add that Data Table to your Channel(s).

How to Add a Data Table to a Channel

  1. In the Channel configuration page, you will see a Data Table tile as an option in the left-most pane. 

  2. Click and drag the Data Table tile to your Lineup, and select a Data Table from the drop-down menu in the right-most column.

  3. Configure the step details in the right-most column.

  • Number of rows to display

  • Transition

  • Background

  • Duration

  • Column Width, as a percentage of screen width

    Finally, Save your Channel.

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