How do I display my social wall on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant has partnered up with to display your social media feed on your Raydiant screens! is a social media tool that allows you to easily collect, curate and display content from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Vkontakte, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


Go to the Library in the Raydiant Dashboard and create a new presentation with your app. If you don’t see the app here, contact Sales.


Simply enter your wall ID into the presentation builder. For example, in "", YOURWALL is the unique ID of your wall.


Further customize the presentation by choosing a theme, enabling auto-scrolling and the header, and setting a duration. Click 'Save' and 'Done' to save your changes.


Next, create or edit a new playlist and simply add the presentation to it. 

Publish your playlist to your screen, and you’re done! 

You now have your social wall displayed on your TVs! Any changes you make to your social wall will automatically be shown on your screens.


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