What are Nested Playlists?

Nested Playlists are a powerful enhancement to our Raydiant Dashboard! 


Nested Playlists Fullscreen Expanded View.

Multiple playlists can be nested inside a parent playlist. This allows you to combine playlists in numerous ways and extend the lifespan of your content while simplifying your workflow and management. 


Nested Playlists Expanded Close-Up View.

Think of nested playlists as re-useable content blocks that can be mixed and matched in different ways across multiple playlists, yet each is centrally managed. By updating it, every playlist it is in will be updated as well!

Enhanced Scheduling

The new “join” scheduling feature enables a nested playlist to be scheduled to either join its parent playlist or “override” it for a duration. This allows simple addition and subtraction of content from your default playlist.


Nested Playlists Fullscreen Action Modal Schedule Enabled.

If there’s a scheduling conflict between a parent playlist and a child playlist, the parent playlist schedule always wins. Think of the playlists as gatekeepers - if the upper playlists aren’t playing, their child content won’t play.


Enable Scheduling Close-Up View.

Join vs Override: A nested playlist can be scheduled to join any currently playing parent playlist content, allowing for simple addition and subtraction of content from a playlist. Or it can be set to override it entirely, replacing all other content until the scheduled end time.

Other Features

  • You can add additional presentations (and nest other playlists) to a playlist by clicking the '+' icon.
  • Nested playlists can be edited by clicking the ellipses buttons on the right side of the playlist item, exposing the Action Strip, which contains the options. Some of them, like Schedule (learn more about scheduling content), will open up an Action Modal, from which more actions can be selected.


Nested Playlists Fullscreen Action Strip.


For additional assistance related to nested playlists or other inquiries feel free to reach out to our technical support team at support@raydiant.com.

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