Best Practices

Setup & Networking

  • Set up your ScreenRay with ease. We recommend using an iPhone, iPad, or Windows or Mac laptop to connect your ScreenRay to the internet for the first time. Samsung phones and tablets are not recommended.
  • Connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. A 2.4 GHz WiFi network tends to provide a more reliable connection at longer distances.
  • Reconnect your ScreenRay. If your WiFi network name or password changes, you’ll need to reconnect your ScreenRay to the new network. Just disconnect and reconnect the stick’s power adapter to restart it and put it into setup mode.
  • Bypass potential WiFi issues by using a physical internet connection. Alternatively, you can connect your ScreenRay to the internet via Ethernet using any standard USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

More Best Practices

  • Keep your ScreenRay powered on. ScreenRays are designed to function non-stop and use a minimum amount of power.
  • Keep your WiFi network powered on. Avoid powering off your WiFi network to make sure you receive the latest content and software updates. (If power to the store has to be turned off overnight, make sure your router is online and broadcasting WiFi before starting up your ScreenRay.)
  • Keep your ScreenRay cool. The ScreenRay’s maximum operating temperature is 110° Fahrenheit (43° Celsius). If possible, keep your ScreenRay out of direct sunlight.
  • Use the included power adapter. Using unsupported power adapters can cause a variety of problems, including powering off frequently.
  • Restart to fix issues. If your ScreenRay shows an error message or prompts you to rejoin the WiFi, disconnect and reconnect the power adapter while leaving the stick plugged into the TV. This will force it to restart and reconnect to the internet.
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