How do I set up my Tyme kiosk on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant and Tyme Commerce have partnered to offer the best self checkout kiosk in the market. Tyme Kiosk is easy to set up and seamless to use.


1. In your Raydiant Dashboard, add the Tyme Kiosk into your library as per the screenshot below.


2. In your Raydiant Dashboard, select the screen you are using for the kiosk and then publish the new playlist.


3. On your screen, start setting up your kiosk by logging in to the kiosk app using the credentials shared by the Raydiant team.


4. Now it’s time to set your credit card reader. Plug it into a power outlet and follow the instructions below.

a. LAN connection: You can connect your card reader through a LAN by inserting your Ethernet (CAT6) cable directly to the reader. The card reader and your kiosk application (tablet or standing kiosk) must be connected to the same local network.


b. WiFi: You can also set your card reader(s) on WiFi by following the on-screen prompts. If you want to switch networks or connect your reader again, press 0-9-4-3-4 on the keypad and follow the prompts. To start over, press the red X button.


5. Once logged in, choose the kiosk's mode and enter the code shared by the Raydiant team. Tyme Commerce offers both standing kiosks and table kiosks, so make sure to select the right kiosk mode and enter its given code. Note that every kiosk has a unique identifier code and can be used only once.


Click on 'Activate kiosk' to move to the next step.

6. At this step, you will be associating the card reader to the appropriate kiosk. The Raydiant team will be sharing this information at the time of the hardware delivery.  Once you are ready, click on the 'Connect' button to activate your kiosk and start making money!


Voilà! Your kiosk is now ready to be used by your customers and your orders will be sent to your Tyme’s Merchant app.

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