Display PAR menus exclusively on Raydiant screens!

Raydiant has exclusively partnered with PAR to bring your Point of Sale menus to your Raydiant screens! Thanks to our new integration, PAR's customers have the ability to display and update their digital products and services menus in real-time. In addition to real-time updates, key features such as multi-location and multi-menu support, and location specific pricing are available. Since your menus sync directly, you can make a change on PAR and see it reflected on your Raydiant screens right away!

If you have any questions and support requests for PAR, please visit their Help Center page.


Contact Sales if you don't see the PAR app in your Library.

Activating the Integration

If you're already a Raydiant and PAR customer, click 'Connect To PAR' and you will be able to select your locations from the drop down. 



Email Request Template For Adding Locations

If you are not able to see any locations after you have connected to PAR, send an email to PAR Support at BrinkAPITokenRequest@partech.com. In the email, include the information in the template below and fill in the placeholders identified by the angle brackets (<< >>) with your information. 

Subject of the email: <<Your Name>> – Location Token Request for RAYDIANT
Body of the email:
Tech Support,

I <<Your First & Last Name>>, as an authorized representative of <<Your Company Name>>, authorize RAYDIANT API access to the locations listed below and ParTech to issue locations tokens and access information on our behalf.
<<List Your Stores Here>>

Thank you,
<<Your Name>>

After you submit the email to PAR Support at BrinkAPITokenRequest@partech.com, it can take at least one business day for the location(s) to appear. As soon as it's ready, we'll reach out to let you know you're good to go!

Maximum Menu Size

We are unable to load locations with a combined menu size greater than 10 MB. Please reduce the size of menus exceeding this threshold in your PAR Admin Portal if you wish to display them in your Raydiant presentations.

Note: 10 MB is more than adequate to support our typical 3-4 column menu which is about 100 KB.

Inactive Items

Items configured as "inactive" in your PAR Admin Portal will still be displayed in the Raydiant app builder and are selected by default. Simply deselect them if you do not want to display them in your Raydiant presentations. Configuring your "Out of Stock" setting to either Remove or Strikethrough will also have no effect on these items in the Raydiant presentation as the stock data for inactive items are considered non-existent and, thus, are ignored.

Other Items to Note

  1. Calorie - no dedicated calorie field, use item description
  2. Pricing - menu item pricing can either come from Item Price (default) or Menu Price in PAR’s admin portal, we will pull the correct price based on the menu item configuration
  3. Out of Stock modifiers are treated as items, thus modifiers theoretically can still be in stock even when the parent item is out of stock, so we opted to flag modifiers as out of stock when the parent item is out of stock



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