How do I display Captivate digital signages on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant has partnered up with Captivate to bring your digital signage displays to your audience on Raydiant screens in real-time! All you need is your Captivate-assigned URL and activation code to get started.


Sample Captivate digital signage published with Raydiant

Activating the Captivate Content Screen

Navigate to your embedded content URL that Captivate has provided (i.e., on the device that you will be using to display your Raydiant screen, and take note of the activation code displayed on the screen. Alternatively, you can scan the on-screen QR code using your mobile phone.

Contact Captivate's NOC Team via email and provide them with the activation code per the pairing instructions, and await a confirmation email from the NOC Team that your Captivate screen has been activated.

captivate_pairing.pngPreparing Your Raydiant Presentation

Once the Captivate screen has been activated, you'll be able to create new Captivate presentation by clicking the "+Create" button from your Library, and then clicking the Captivate icon. 


Next, give the presentation a unique Name and set the desired Duration, or just leave the default values and click Save.

Captivate presentations will not display a preview in the right panel as is displayed with other app presentations, but a message indicating activation with a 3rd-party service is required will be displayed.


Publishing Your Captivate Screen

Once you're ready to put your Captivate digital signage on your screens, it works the same way as publishing any other presentation to your Raydiant screens. Just add the presentation to your playlist, make sure that playlist is assigned to the desired screens, and click Publish to make it go live! 

See more on how to create and publish screens.

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