How do I display my Clover menus on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant has partnered up with Clover to bring your point of sale menus to your Raydiant screens dynamically! Thanks to our new integration, it's now easier than ever to build your menu once, and then use it on any of your Raydiant devices for a set-and-forget experience. This integration is also free to all Raydiant users—all you need is an existing Clover account to get started! 


A sample Clover menu published with Raydiant.

Preparing Your Menu

Once the Raydiant integration has been authorized in Clover, you'll be able to create a new Clover menu presentation by clicking the "+Create" button from your Library, and then clicking the Clover icon. 


In the menu builder, follow the below steps to customize your menu:

1. Click "Connect to Clover" and select a merchant location, after which you will be redirected back to the menu builder in Raydiant. 


If you haven't already installed the Raydiant app and authorized the connection, you will first be redirected to Clover's App Market where you will need to install the Raydiant app. From the list of available apps, click on the Raydiant app, then "Connect" and then "Accept". You will then be redirected back to Raydiant's menu builder where you can begin customizing your menu.


2. Give the presentation a unique name so it can easily be found in your Library.

3. Select the desired Categories like appetizers, entrees and desserts, Items such as buffalo wings, pizza and ice cream sundae, or modifiers like "extra vanilla scoop" via its checkbox. Clicking on a specific category or item will reveal its configurable details options (i.e., Name, Items, Modifiers, Pricing). In addition to adding and removing items via checkbox, you can also choose which items to display by using Label filters (i.e., breakfast, happy hour, etc.)

Note: Any uncategorized items are separated by a divider line and will be displayed after all categorized items in the menu presentation.


Menu builder with a single category "Espresso Classics" selected and details (Name, Items, Modifiers, Pricing) enabled

4. Define your currency symbol and select a price format (i.e., $1, $1.0, $1.00).

5. Upload a menu image and select its location layout and whether you want it to be animated. By default, images will display on the right of the menu.

6. Enter a footnote message that will display at the bottom of the menu.

7. Select how you want out of stock items to be displayed. They can either be removed, displayed with a strikethrough or left alone.

8. Customize your menu font and colors, or select one of the available Raydiant themes.

9. Add a QR code URL or image, and specify its display size.

10. Define the duration that the presentation will be displayed, 120 seconds being the default.

Publishing Your Clover Screen

Adding your Clover menus to your screens works the same way as publishing any other presentation to your Raydiant screens. Just add the presentation to your playlist, make sure that playlist is assigned to the desired screens, and click Publish to make it go live! 

See more on how to create and publish screens.

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