Granting Raydiant temporary access to your account

To help troubleshoot problems, you can allow Raydiant Support to access your Raydiant Dashboard account for a specific amount of time. This feature is called "Remote Assistance", and it is off by default. (In other words, Raydiant cannot access your account unless you explicitly turn on this feature.)

You may want to enable Remote Assistance in advance if you are encountering an issue with Raydiant, or a Raydiant support representative may ask you to enable Remote Assistance temporarily if you submit a support request where access to your account is required.

The Remote Assistance feature is available on your Raydiant Dashboard Account page:


When turning Remote Assistance on (as shown here), you can choose the level of access you wish to grant, as well as the access duration.

Read Only access allows Raydiant Support to view your Dashboard, but not to make any changes. This is often enough to help identify the cause of an issue, but you will need to make any changes identified by Raydiant Support to actually resolve the issue.

Full Access grants Raydiant Support the exact same access to your account that you have. This allows Raydiant Support to both identify and resolve the reported issue.

Access Duration can be set to 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or Indefinitely. Remote Assistance is disabled automatically after this period of time; however, you can also toggle Remote Assistance off at any time. If you select Indefinitely, access is granted until you manually toggle it off.

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