Raydiant + Toast: A Delicious Integration!

Raydiant has partnered with Toast to bring your Point of Sale menus to your Raydiant screens! Thanks to our new integration, it's now easier than ever to enter your menu once and use it everywhere. Since your menus sync directly, you can make a change on Toast and see it reflected on your Raydiant screens right away. And even better, this integration is free to all Raydiant users—all you need is a Toast account with Toast Partner Connect! To learn more about Toast Partner Connect, please see here or call Toast Support at +1 (617) 682-0225.


A sample appetizer menu created in Toast and published with Raydiant.

Activating the Integration

If you're already a Raydiant and Toast customer, you can activate the integration from your Toast account! Just click the Integrations link on the left side, then click "Add and manage integrations":


Then click "Digital Signage" and click "Add Now" under Raydiant!


Once you submit the activation request, it can take up to one business day for the integration to be activated for your Raydiant account. As soon as it's ready, we'll reach out to let you know you're good to go!

Note: If the email address you use with Toast is different from the one you use with Raydiant, we may not be able to automatically identify and connect your Raydiant account. Please contact support@raydiant.com after completing the steps above to confirm the accounts you would like to connect.

Preparing Your Menu

Once the integration is activated, you'll be able to create new Toast menu presentations by clicking this icon:


You'll be able to choose from your existing menus and select the groups and items you want to display your menu exactly the way you want it. Since you're pulling in your menu from your point-of-sale system, you may not want to show all the possible modifiers—think "add ketchup", for example—for a given group. Conveniently, you can just click on the group you want to adjust, and then select whether to display the modifiers or other details:


An appetizer menu showing all modifiers. Just click the group you want to make changes to…


And then uncheck the Modifiers or other group details you don't want to show. Here, removing Modifiers makes the menu much more readable.

You can also add and remove individual items with a click, or filter by Toast visibility flag:


Finally, you can add an image or a QR code if desired, and you can choose from any of Raydiant's built-in themes or build your own using custom fonts and colors!

Publishing Your Menu

Once you're ready to put your menu on your screens, it works the same way as publishing any other presentation to your Raydiant screens: just add it to your playlist, make sure that playlist is assigned to the desired screens, and click Publish to send it out! 

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