Free screen signage with ScreenRay Lite!

Raydiant is making it even easier to test the Raydiant Dashboard and try out the Raydiant workflow! With ScreenRay Lite, you can power a screen with Raydiant using an Amazon Fire TV Stick or your own computer running Google Chrome.

Getting Started

To sign up for Raydiant and set up ScreenRay Lite, you'll need an Amazon Fire TV Stick with the free ScreenRay Lite app installed, or any Windows or macOS computer running Google Chrome. You'll also need another internet capable device, such as your phone, tablet, or laptop, to complete the setup process.

To install the ScreenRay Lite app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, just search the App Store for "ScreenRay". (If Alexa doesn't understand "ScreenRay" when you enter the search via voice, you may need to manually type it in instead.) Then install and launch the app!

Alternatively, if you don't have a Fire TV stick, you can use a Windows or Mac computer. To use a computer this way, connect it to your screen and go to in Google Chrome on that computer.

Whether you use an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a computer pointed to, you'll see a screen like this, prompting you to create an account and activate ScreenRay Lite:


If you don't already have a Raydiant account, follow the steps shown on the right (or just go to to sign up for free!

Activating Your Screen

Now that you have a Raydiant account, sign in at You'll see a prompt to add your screen; just enter the activation code shown on your Fire TV Stick or in your Chrome browser window and enter a name for your new screen. Voilà—your ScreenRay Lite is activated and ready to display content!

Publishing Content

Now that your ScreenRay Lite is active, you can follow these steps to create a playlist, add content, and publish it to your ScreenRay Lite!



ScreenRay Lite is limited to displaying one Flyers, Pictures, or YouTube presentation, which will display for 10 minutes and be followed by a brief, silent Raydiant video. If you publish a playlist with multiple presentations to ScreenRay Lite, the first Flyer, Picture, or YouTube Video in the playlist will be displayed. Other kinds of presentations can be created and added to the playlist, but will not be displayed. You will see a warning (shown above) when publishing if your ScreenRay Lite playlist contains content that won't be displayed.

To add ScreenRay Standard to your account and display unlimited content of all kinds, click here to book a demo!

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