Playing music videos on Raydiant with XITE

Raydiant has partnered with XITE to bring you streaming music videos! Read on to find out how to get XITE's great content on your Raydiant-powered screens.

What You'll Need

  • A ScreenRay Standard or ScreenRay Pro.
  • A USB remote control connected to your ScreenRay. The ScreenRay Pro ships with this USB remote, which also works with the ScreenRay Standard.
  • The XITE premium app. Please contact your account executive to add XITE to your subscription. If you're not sure how to reach your account executive, click here to book a demo with a member of our Sales team.

How to Publish XITE to Your Screens

XITE works like any other Raydiant app—add it to a playlist, then publish that playlist to the screen(s) you want to play it on. Click here for a detailed walkthrough!

Controlling Music Videos With Your Remote Control


Depending on your remote or keyboard, you can use the following buttons or keys to control XITE:

  • Up arrow or up button: Like this video.
  • Right arrow or right button: Skip to next video.
  • i key or Info button: Info
  • Enter key or OK button: Open the discovery menu to choose what you want to watch.
  • Backspace key or Back button: Exit the discovery menu.
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