Assigning content to playlists and multizone presentations owned by restricted users

Note: This article applies to Raydiant Enterprise users only.

You are likely reading this article because you're an Administrator for your domain, and you have either added a presentation to a playlist where it can't be displayed, or you've assigned a playlist to a Multizone or Kiosk presentation where it can't be displayed. This article will explain why your content can't be displayed, and identify a possible workaround.

Raydiant Enterprise offers several different kinds of accounts, including Administrators, Users, and Restricted Users. Restricted Users in particular have very limited access to the content, screens, and other resources belonging to other members of the domain. As a result, if content from another user is assigned to a Restricted User's screen or presentation, they won't be able to see that content in their Dashboard, and the ScreenRay may not be able to display that content.

If you want this user to be able to view your content, the simplest option is to upgrade them from a Restricted User to a Standard User. This will allow them to view the content, and allow their screens to display the content normally. (Please note that all new users are created as Restricted Users by default for improved security. An Administrator or Super Administrator of the domain will need to upgrade them to Standard Users from the Account page to enable most features for those users.)

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