How does 2-Step Verification protect my Raydiant account?

2-Step Verification helps to keep your Raydiant account secure by requiring access to an additional security factor—in this case, a phone number with SMS capabilities.

When you activate 2-Step Verification on your Account page in the Raydiant Dashboard, you'll be prompted to provide a phone number the next time you log in. You'll need to confirm ownership of the phone number, and on future logins a security code will be sent to this phone number. You'll need to provide this code to prove ownership of your account and finish logging in.

Using 2-Step Verification with Enterprise

2-Step Verification provides even more security if you're the administrator of a Raydiant Enterprise account. By turning on 2-Step Verification for your domain, you automatically enable 2-Step verification for all users associated with your domain, helping to keep your Raydiant account—and all of your content—perfectly secure.

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