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Your Raydiant Account page makes it easy to secure your account, manage your billing information and access your receipts, and get notified if one of your ScreenRays goes offline. Additionally, Raydiant Enterprise customers can use their Account page to manage their domain and users, but we discuss that in a different article.


Changing Your Name, Email, and Password

Changing the name on your account is as simple as clicking your name at the top of your Account page and deleting or replacing it.

To change the email address associated with your account, please contact from your current email address, and we'll be happy to adjust your account for you!

To change your password, just click the "Reset your password" link and check your inbox for an email titled "Reset your password". (If you don't see it right away, please check your spam folder as well.)

Managing Billing and Accessing Receipts

You can adjust your billing address, change your method of payment, and download your previous Raydiant receipts from your Account page. Just click the "Manage Billing" button, then click the item you want to change, or click "Billing History" to review and download past receipts. 

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification helps to keep your Raydiant account secure by requiring access to an additional security factor—in this case, a phone number with SMS capabilities. You can read more about this feature here and turn it on via the toggle on your Account page.

Offline Device Notifications

If this toggle is checked, you will receive an email when one of your ScreenRays goes offline. (You can read about the reasons a ScreenRay might go offline here, but the most common reasons are an internet or power outage.)

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