Managing your library

Managing the content in your Raydiant library is easy! With the click of a button, you can create a new folder, then drag presentations or playlists into it. You can view the contents of a folder by clicking it, and you can drag items from the sidebar on the right into folders on the left, or vice versa.


If you find your library cluttered with presentations or folders that you no longer need, just click the "Manage Multiple" button. Once you do that, a selection icon will appear on each presentation in your library. Click the presentations you want to delete, then click the new "Delete" button to remove them. (Raydiant will notify you if any of the presentations you want to delete are currently in use; if so, make sure to remove them from your screens before deleting them from your library.) Then just click Done to return to your normal library!


Note: users of Windows laptops with both a touchscreen and a trackpad may find that only one or the other works for dragging content around in their library. We're working to fix this issue, but please let us know at if you're affected!

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