Creating and understanding presentations

Every piece of content you put on your Raydiant screen, from a picture, to a YouTube video, to a PosterMyWall design, is called a "presentation". A playlist can contain anywhere from one presentation to hundreds, and you can keep as many presentations as you need in your Raydiant Library.


Above: an assortment of apps that you can use to add presentations to your Raydiant Library.

Each presentation is created using an "app" that indicates what kind of presentation it is. For example, a PNG or JPG file uploaded from your computer uses the Pictures app; a YouTube video is displayed using the YouTube app; and a PosterMyWall design is displayed using the PosterMyWall app. Raydiant updates these apps over time to add features and fix bugs, so when editing older presentations, you may see a note telling you that saving your changes will update your presentation to use the latest version of the app.

Every app has its own settings, but almost all apps and presentations share the "Duration" setting. This setting determines how long a given presentation is displayed on the screen before moving on to the next presentation in the playlist. We recommend reviewing the duration of each presentation in a playlist before publishing to make sure that the playlist plays the way you expect.

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