Playlists and publishing

Raydiant uses a very simple model for putting content on your screens: once you publish a playlist to a given screen, that screen will run through the presentations in that playlist until it reaches the end, then start over from the beginning. (Each playlist can also contain content scheduled to play at specific times, but we'll get into the details of scheduled content on its own page.) To change the content on a screen, you can either update the current playlist and republish, or assign and publish a completely different playlist. You can set a given playlist to run on one screen, all of your screens, or anywhere in between.

Creating a Playlist

To create a new playlist, you can click the "Playlists" button next to one of your screens on the Screens page and then click the "Create Playlist" icon button that appears under "Your Library", or you can go to your Library page and click the green "Create" button, then click "Create a Playlist".

In either case, you'll find yourself looking at an empty playlist with the name "New Playlist". We recommend setting a name for your playlist right away, so you can easily find it in your library later. Naming your playlist for the screen(s) it will run on ("Common Menu Board") or the time period you plan to use it ("Fourth of July Weekend") is a good bet, but you can also name it "First Playlist" and worry about renaming it later.

Adding Content to your Playlist

To add content to your playlist, just click the green "Add Content" button at the top of the playlist builder. From here, you can select one or more presentations or playlists from your existing library, or you can click the "Create" button to create or upload a new presentation or playlist. Once you've selected your new content, click "Add to Playlist" to see your playlist update with the new content.

From here, you can click and drag to rearrange your content, or click on and edit any item in the playlist to change its duration. Once you're happy with your new playlist, click the "Save" and then "Done" buttons to save your changes.


The final step in putting your new playlist on your screen(s) is to publish it! From the Screens page, make sure each screen shows the playlist you want. (To change the playlist assigned to a screen, click the "Playlists" button next to it, click the playlist you want to use, and click the "Assign" button that appears.) Once your screens all show the correct playlists, just click the Publish All button to send the changes out to all of your screens!

Click here to learn more about the status of your screens.

If you experience any issues with your playlist or publishing, please reach out to us at for help.

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