How do I add my Hoopla channel to my Raydiant screen?


In order to add your Hoopla channel to your Raydiant screen, you'll need your Hoopla channel URL. There are a couple of ways you may get this URL, but the most common is to be invited to view the channel. You should receive an email or message from your team's Hoopla administrator that includes a link that looks something like this:

…although instead of all zeroes, your Hoopla channel URL should be a seven-character string of letters and numbers.

Once you have your Hoopla channel URL, simply create a new Hoopla channel presentation in Raydiant and paste the whole URL into the "channel URL" field. (You may also want to adjust the name and duration of your new Hoopla channel presentation, especially if your Raydiant account supports other presentations alongside Hoopla.)

For Hoopla Administrators

If you need help creating and sharing channels with your team, you can find detailed steps on Hoopla's Help Center.

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