How can I direct my customers to my website or online menu?

To help your customers take action based on your screen signage, Raydiant now offers the option to add QR codes to your menus, flyers, and Multizone presentations!

If you're not already familiar with QR codes, they are a type of bar code that can be interpreted by most smartphones, and that contains a URL. So by holding their smartphone cameras up to snap a photo of your screen signage, your customers can now pull up your online menu—or whatever other webpage you want to drive traffic to.

Using QR Codes with Raydiant Menus, Flyers, or Multizone

Raydiant supports displaying two different types of QR codes. In the Menus, Flyers, or Multizone app, you can either select "I need a QR code", in which case Raydiant will generate a QR code to the URL that you enter, or you can select "I have a QR code". The second option is great if you already have a way of generating QR codes—especially if the QR code system you're using allows you to access analytics from the customers who scan your codes.


We also recommend including a call to action to encourage viewers of your menu to scan the QR code - and so they know what to expect when they do!


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