Folders have arrived in your Raydiant Library!

The latest update to the Raydiant Dashboard adds a feature many of our customers have been asking for: folders! You can now easily manage your Library by adding folders for different locations, different kinds of content, or whatever organization style is most convenient for you.

You'll also notice a new look and feel in the Dashboard! Our team is constantly working to bring you an improved Raydiant experience, and the new appearance is part of an ongoing move toward a more minimalist Dashboard that helps you focus on the things most important to you. Expect to see more changes over the next few months as we add more incremental changes toward a new and easier-to-use Dashboard experience!

Creating your first folder

Creating a new folder is super simple—just go to your Library and click the "New Folder" button! You'll be dropped into your new folder and prompted to change the name.

Once your folder exists, you can start adding presentations and playlists to it. On a desktop or laptop computer, you can drag individual items from the "All Folders" section on the right into your new folder. You can also click one item, hold the Shift key, and click another item to select all the items in between, then drag the whole selected set into the new folder.

Moving items between folders is currently supported only on laptops, desktops, and tablets with large screens; smartphones and other mobile devices with small screens don't currently support moving items into folders.

Managing your content

  • This update combines the Presentations and Playlists sections of the Raydiant library, and brings a new way to create playlists and presentations. Clicking the green "Create" button at the top of the library pops up a window where you can create a new playlist, or create or upload a new presentation.
  • You can now sort your library by Name, Type, and Date. Note that folders will always appear at the top of your library, and will be ordered separately from presentations and playlists.
  • You can still delete presentations by clicking the "Manage" button in Library. However, you can now also delete whole folders and their contents with just a couple of clicks as well. To make sure you don't lose any content you meant to keep, Raydiant will now prompt you to confirm before deleting any content—not just presentations that are actively being used on a screen.

Sorting Your Screens

This update also adds a new feature to the Screens view. You can now sort your screens by name, online/offline status, and the date they were added to your account, making it easy for customers with lots of screens to see at a glance whether any screens are offline, or simply view them in alphabetical order.

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