How do I set up multizone on my Raydiant screens?

With Raydiant's Multizone, you can easily show multiple presentations side by side on your Raydiant screens. In other words, you can use the main section of your screen to display a menu or video, while using smaller sections to show a flyer or the weather. Just follow the steps below to get your first multizone presentation up and running!

Step by Step Instructions

1. From your Library, click + to create a new presentation, then click “Create Multizone Layout”. Enter a descriptive name so you can easily find your multizone layout in your Library later.


2. In the presentation builder, select or create the playlist you want to use in each zone by clicking on the dropdowns. (Note that Zone 1 is the larger area of the screen, while Zone 2 is the smaller area. You can create new playlists for each zone, or recycle or edit a playlist you've previously used on one of your screens.)


3. Scroll down to add other items to a ticker section at the bottom, such as date and time, newsfeeds, or the weather. Then select a theme, set the duration for your multizone layout, and save!.

4. Select a new or existing playlist.


5. Click on the green circle to "add" content to your playlist, select the multizone playlist and click "add to playlist" Review your playlist, then click "Done". This is a good time to review and change the order of your presentation in your playlist.Screen_Shot_2022-03-07_at_16.38.08.png

Best Practices:

  • Multizone layouts for horizontal screens use a 16:9 aspect ratio for Zone 1 and a 9:16 aspect ratio for Zone 2. For vertical screens, the opposite is true - Zone 1 uses a 9:16 aspect ratio, and Zone 2 uses a 16:9.
  • On a 1920x1080 pixel TV in landscape orientation (most commonly used), the resolution of Zone 1 is roughly 1346x757 pixels, and Zone 2 is 757x426 pixels. A screen in portrait orientation would have different resolutions for each zone. They should be almost the same, but the aspect ratios are swapped for each zone.
  • When selecting the playlists to assign to Zones 1 and 2, be sure NOT to use the same playlist you are adding your Multizone presentation to. You cannot have a presentation inside of itself.  To avoid this, we recommend when naming your playlists, indicating in that name that they are for a specific zone.  Example: "Weekend Event Flyer - Zone 1".

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