How do I set up multizone on my Raydiant screens?

With multizone support, Raydiant makes it easy for you to show multiple presentations side by side on your Raydiant screens. In other words, you can use the main section of your screen to display a menu or video, while using smaller sections to show a flyer or the weather. Just follow the steps below to get your first multizone presentation up and running!

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click the "Add Content" button next to the screen you want to publish multizone content to.


2. Click the "+" button to add new content, then click “Create Multizone Layout”.


3. In the presentation builder, select or create the playlists you want to use in each zone by clicking on the dropdowns. (Note that Zone 1 is the larger area of the screen, while Zone 2 is the smaller area. You can create new playlists for each zone, or recycle or edit a playlist you've previously used on one of your screens.)


4. Once you've selected your playlists, you can name your layout (e.g., "Weekday Multizone"), add other items like date and time, newsfeeds, or the weather, select a theme, and save your new multizone layout.

5. Make sure your new content is selected, then click “Add To Screen”. If you want to add your new content to your existing content loop, click "Loop Forever". If you want to schedule your content to play at a specific time in the future, click “Schedule For…”


6. Review your new content loop, then click "Publish" to send it to your screen(s)!


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