How can I display calendar events with Raydiant?

Raydiant's new Calendars app makes it easier than ever to show upcoming events from all your Google calendars! With a variety of themes and layouts, as well as support for image attachments, you can make sure your events show up on the screen exactly the way you want them.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Create a new Calendar presentation by going to your playlist or library, then clicking "Add Content", clicking the "+" Icon to create a new presentation, and selecting "Add Calendar".
  2. Log In with Google, select your Google Account and allow Raydiant to access your Google Calendars
  3. Select the specific Google Calendars you want to display events from in the next section.
  4. Edit the other fields under presentation details:
  • Name lets you add a name for your Calendar presentation so you can easily find it later.
  • Header description lets you add a description of the calendar at the top of the presentation.
  • Header Image adds an image of your choice (I.E. your business' logo) placed at the top-center of the header area.
  • Show current date & time at the top right corner of your calendar by clicking this toggle
  • Filter by location will filter all events that use the specified location described in the events description (I.E. meeting rooms, event halls) and is a great feature for businesses that have ScreenRays set up by particular locations with several events lined up.
  • Hide location in events hides the location for your event on your presentation
  • Layout gives you 3 distinct layout options to choose from:
    • The Scroll option will present your events in a rotating list with the specified number of days and events you select.
    • The Scroll and Expand option will sequentially highlight each event and display its event description and any attachments. CalV2linear.png
    • The Agenda option will show your events organized into a weekly calendar.CalV2agenda.png
  • Number of events lets you specify how many events to display on the screen at once
  • Number of days lets you specify how many days worth of events to display on screen up to 5 days maximum.
  • Show attachments if present is a toggle that will enable attachments to be shown for any events that have an attachment (Note: This feature only works with the Scroll and Expand layout option)
  • Expanded Mode, Image Layout adjusts the layout of the attached image for your event (Note: This feature only works with the Scroll and Expand layout option) CalV2hero.png
  • Pin current event(s) will pin any event that is currently happening. Upcoming events will be pinned if no events are currently active. (Note: This feature only works with the Scroll and Expand layout option)
  • Confetti drop will display an animation showing confetti dropping from the top of the screen to the bottom if an event displayed on the screen has "#confetti" entered in its description (Note: This feature only works with the Scroll and Expand layout option)
    • Entering #confetti/repeat=<number> will control the number of times Confetti drops on the screen.
    • Entering #confetti/duration=<number> adjusts the amount of time in seconds Confetti drops on the screen.
    • Entering #confetti/delay=<number> adjust the amount of time in seconds between each Confetti drop
    • You can combine these commands into a single line to combine them by entering “#confetti/repeat=<number>/duration=<number>/delay=<number>
  • Event duration specifies the duration (in seconds) that events are shown on the screen before rotating to future events.
  • Theme lets you choose from pre-defined themes that alter the colors and fonts for your calendar.
  • Presentation duration is the time (in seconds) that your calendar presentation will appear on the screen before moving onto the next piece of content published in your default loop or schedule.
  1. Click Save, Add to Screen and Publish.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or run into any trouble setting up your Calendar with Raydiant please reach out to our support team by emailing us at

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