How can I change my ScreenRay's WiFi connection?

ScreenRays remember any WiFi network they've previously connected to, so if you turn a ScreenRay off and back on, it will automatically reconnect to the internet if a familiar WiFi network is available. But sometimes you need to change WiFi networks, either because you're moving the ScreenRay to a new location or because you're changing the WiFi network at your business.

If you power on a ScreenRay and no familiar WiFi networks are available, it will automatically go into setup mode so you can connect it to a new WiFi network.

Alternatively, if you need to change the network your ScreenRay connects to without disabling the current network, please contact and our support team will remove the old network credentials from your ScreenRay so you can set it up with the new network. In your email, please make sure of the following:

  • Send your email from the email address associated with your Raydiant account.
  • Include the name of each ScreenRay you'd like to have a network removed from.
  • Include the exact name of the WiFi network you'd like removed.

If you're comfortable sharing the WiFi network name and password with our support team, we can also simultaneously add the new network credentials and remove the old ones, so you don't have to go through the process of setting up each ScreenRay with your new network.

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