How do I use Instagram with Raydiant?

Raydiant's Instagram app lets you display photos from a specific Instagram account or pull from up to three hashtags, making it easy to feature your customer’s best shots from your business or share the latest happenings with your visitors. Follow the steps below to get Instagram on your screens!

Setting up an Instagram business account

Instagram requires businesses to have a free Instagram business account, which is easy to set up! Just follow these steps to turn your Instagram account into an Instagram business account. (if you already have an Instagram business account tied to a Facebook page, you can skip these steps and move onto the next section.)

During step 6, be sure to connect your business's Facebook page when requested—this step is shown as optional in Instagram, but is required to use Instagram with Raydiant.

Putting Instagram on your screens

Now that your Instagram business account is ready to go, you can put Instagram on your screens: 

1. From your playlist or Library, click “Add Content” then click the + button to create a new presentation, and click “Add Instagram”.

2. Log into your Facebook account by clicking the “Log in with Facebook” button under the presentation details. If you are already signed into your Facebook account on your browser, it will be detected automatically and you’ll be asked to authorize it with Raydiant's Instagram app.

3. Select the associated Instagram account you want to use.

4. Adjust your other settings:

  • Name is the section to set a name for this specific Instagram presentation so you can find it in your library.
  • Source lets you choose where you want to pull posts from. Options include displaying posts from your own Instagram account, as well as displaying recent or top-rated posts from specific hashtags. 
  • Hashtags let you set up to a maximum of 3 hashtags to pull posts from.
  • Shuffle will randomize the order in which posts are displayed.
  • Layout lets you choose the number of posts to show on the screen at once.
  • Zoom sets Raydiant to "zoom" into each post on the screen, highlighting each post by bringing it front and center before cycling to the next post.
  • Profanity filter does exactly what it sounds like it should do - filters out any profanity in a post's caption.
  • Headline creates a headline that shows up at the bottom. Useful for adding calls to action like "Follow us on Instagram @ourBiz", or "Post with #YourHashTag to see your photo here!". 
  • Theme lets you choose from precomposed themes to find the colors and fonts that work best for your business.
  • Presentation Duration lets you choose how long your screen should display the Instagram presentation before switching to the next item in your schedule or default loop.

5. Click "Done" to save your new Instagram presentation.


Please note, that with the current integration the Instagram presentation will only fetch the 50 most recent posts from your Instagram account and only display the photo posts as the video posts are not currently supported.

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