Scheduling content in advance

Scheduling content with Raydiant allows you to set your screens up with recurring content like menus or daily specials with the greatest of ease. This feature helps avoid micromanaging your screens during your rush hours by scheduling your content in advance.

How does scheduled content Work?

Scheduled content can be used to display content that appears on the screen at specific times of the day, or even on specific days of the week or month. When your schedule starts, your screen will switch over from your default content to your scheduled content. The scheduled content completely overrides the default content and runs until the selected end time. At that point, your ScreenRay automatically switches back to the default content.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click the screen you want to schedule content for under the “Screens” view, or edit a playlist from your Library.

2. Click “Scheduled Content”, then click “Add Content”.


3. Select or create the content you want to schedule and click “Add to Screen”. (You can add as many presentations as you want at this step—it's up to you whether your new schedule has one item or twenty. Just bear in mind that this schedule will override your default content while it plays, so it should include everything you want your viewers to see.)

4. You should now see your selected content towards the left side of the Scheduled Content menu. Above your selected content are several options you can set:

    1. Sequence Name: The name of your scheduled content
    2. Start Date & Time: Specify the exact day and time your scheduled content will appear on your screen.
    3. End Date & Time: Specify the exact day and time your scheduled content will be removed from the screen and return to your default loop.
    4. This is a repeating event: If you turn this toggle on, you can set your content to repeat on a weekly or monthly basis. If you select "weekly", you can choose multiple days of the week for it to repeat on. (So if you want your schedule content to take effect at the same time each day, you can set it to recur weekly, every day of the week.)


5. You can add additional presentations to your schedule by clicking the “+” icon.

6. Once you’re ready to schedule the content, click “Create”.

7. Your schedule will now be visible to the left side with information on the day and time the content will appear on the screen. Make sure the scheduling looks right, then click “Done”!


8. Go to the Screens view and click "Publish" to send your new schedule to the screen!


Why isn’t my scheduled content playing correctly?

A few things should be checked when noticing that your scheduled content is not playing correctly:

  • Double-check the time your scheduled content is set to play, and review the timezone at the top of your schedule. Your scheduled times are based on the timezone of the computer that originally created the schedule. This can potentially cause confusion if you're traveling in a different timezone.
  • Your playlist should always contain at least one piece of default content, so that your screen has something to display during times when there's no scheduled content set.
  • If you still see content running at unexpected times, please contact
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