What is "ScreenRay Soundtrack Your Brand Pairing"?

Raydiant has partnered with Soundtrack Your Brand to bring music playback to your screens. To enable easy setup for our customers who add this feature to their subscription, we've added a new section to your screen settings where you can find Soundtrack Your Brand pairing codes for your ScreenRay:


(If you're setting up your first Soundtrack-connected ScreenRay, you can find more details here or email our support team.)

More Info

  • If you haven't added Soundtrack Your Brand to your Raydiant subscription, you can safely ignore this section of your screen settings.
  • If you're interested in adding Soundtrack Your Brand to your Raydiant subscription, click here to learn more and schedule a demo.
  • If you have any other questions or need help setting up Soundtrack Your Brand with Raydiant, please email our support team for assistance.
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