How do I play music with Raydiant and Soundtrack Your Brand?

Raydiant has partnered with Soundtrack Your Brand to bring music playback to your screens! You can play now music over your connected TV's speakers, or connect a ScreenRay to your location's audio system to enable music playback over your house audio system. And Raydiant's Now Playing app makes it easy to show your customers exactly what they're listening to!

What You'll Need

  • A ScreenRay plugged into your TV or house audio system
  • The Soundtrack Your Brand add-on for your Raydiant subscription

Pairing Your ScreenRay with Soundtrack Your Brand

The first step is to pair one of your ScreenRays so it can act as a Soundtrack Your Brand player.

  1. Click the Gear icon next to the ScreenRay you want to connect to view the Screen Settings, then find the pairing code under the "Soundtrack Your Brand Pairing" section.
  2. Sign into your Soundtrack Your Brand account.
  3. Add a location and a zone if they don't exist already. A location is the equivalent of a physical place (e.g., "San Francisco Store"), while a zone is the area of a location where you want to play music (e.g., "Dining Area").
  4. Click "Pair Player" on your zone, then click the "Hardware" option.
  5. Paste your pairing code and click the "Connect Player" button.
  6. It may take up to several minutes for your ScreenRay to connect for the first time. You can click "Skip for now" to start managing music playback on your newly paired ScreenRay right away.

If your new Soundtrack Your Brand zone needs to be activated, please contact

Controlling Music On Your Screens

Once your ScreenRay is paired with your Soundtrack Your Brand account, you'll control music playback from your SYB account. (You can also control music playback via Soundtrack Remote for iOS, but you can only add new music via the SYB website.)

Displaying Your Now Playing Music On Your Screens

1. On the Raydiant Dashboard, edit the playlist of the ScreenRay where you want to show Now Playing, and click "Add Content".

2. Click the + button to create a new presentation, and click "Add Soundtrack Your Brand".

3. Under Sound Zone, select the Soundtrack Your Brand zone you want to show "Now Playing" information for. (A "zone" is equivalent to one ScreenRay or screen in your Raydiant Dashboard. This means you can show the Now Playing information for one Raydiant screen on another, which can come in handy if your paired ScreenRay is plugged into your house audio system and you want to show Now Playing on another screen.)

4. Adjust your other settings:

  • Name is the name of your "Now Playing" presentation. We recommend naming it after the zone you're showing music from. Something like "San Francisco Store Music" or "Fifth Street - Now Playing" is perfect.
  • Layout lets you show the original album art, a nostalgic cassette tape, or some sweet vinyl—whatever fits the mood at your business!
  • Display Song Information lets you choose whether to show the artist, album, and track name.
  • Use Song Theming lets you override your chosen theme using colors from the playing track's album art. This is a great way to keep your Now Playing visuals fresh!
  • Theme lets you set one of Raydiant's default themes if Use Song Theming is turned off. (If Use Song Theming is turned on, it will override whatever theme is selected here.)
  • Duration lets you set how long the Now Playing presentation will be displayed on your Raydiant screen. You can use this to switch between your Now Playing presentation and other content, like flyers about daily specials or ads for other local businesses!

5. Click Save, then click Publish. VoilĂ !

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