How do I put a BlueJeans meeting on my Raydiant screens?

Raydiant's Visit app makes it easy to join BlueJeans meetings from your webcam-connected ScreenRay. That makes it a great solution for viewing and participating in remote meetings, whether they're demos, interviews, or virtual visits from a special guest!

What You'll Need

  • An active Raydiant account
  • A supported webcam connected to your ScreenRay
  • The meeting ID of the meeting you want to join
  • The participant passcode of the meeting you want to join (if applicable)

The meeting ID is a 9-digit number used to identify the meeting you want to join. If you received an email invitation to the meeting, you can find the meeting ID in the invitation. Otherwise, the host of the meeting can provide the meeting ID.

Depending on the meeting, you may also need a participant passcode to join. This is a 4-digit number that proves you're an invited guest. If you received an email invitation to the meeting, you can find the participant passcode in the invitation. (If your invitation from the host doesn't contain a participant passcode, you don't need one—you're all set!)

If you want to host your own BlueJeans meetings, you'll need an active BlueJeans account. You can either use your existing BlueJeans account or add a BlueJeans subscription to your Raydiant account. Once you have a BlueJeans account, you can schedule meetings and send invitations to your guests by going to (Note that Raydiant never acts as the host of a BlueJeans meeting, so if you're hosting a meeting, you will need to sign in and host the meeting on a desktop or laptop computer in order for ScreenRays to join it.)

If your organization employs a restrictive firewall, you may also want to review the TCP/UDP port requirements for BlueJeans with your IT team.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. From your Library, click + to create a new presentation, then click “Add BlueJeans Meeting”. Enter a descriptive name so you can easily find your meeting in your Library later.


2. Enter the Meeting ID (and Participant Passcode, if you have one).

3. Enter a display name. This is the name other meeting participants will see when you talk in the meeting. If you don't enter a display name, it will be set to the name of your Raydiant screen.

4. Adjust your other settings, then click "Done".

  • Name is the name of your meeting. We recommend using something descriptive so it's easy to find later if you want to schedule the same meeting again. Something like "Weekly All-Hands Meeting" or "Product Launch Q&A" is perfect.
  • Mute video will cause your ScreenRay to send no video even if you have a camera connected.
  • Enable screenshare lets users joining the meeting from the desktop BlueJeans app share their screen to Raydiant screens. Screen sharing overrides video from other meeting participants, so this is turned off by default to prevent users from sharing arbitrary computer screen content to your Raydiant screens.
  • Splash screen image lets you select a logo or other image to display before your ScreenRay joins the BlueJeans meeting.
  • Theme lets you choose the color scheme you want Raydiant to use before the meeting begins.


5. Make sure your new flyer is selected, then click “Add To Playlist”.


6. Review your playlist, then click "Done". This is your chance to change the order of your default content or set the schedule you want your scheduled content to follow.


7. From the Screens view, click "Publish" to send your updated playlist to your screens.


Best Practices

  • We recommend using the Visit app in conjunction with our Scheduled Content feature. By adding a scheduled BlueJeans meeting as scheduled content, you can trigger your Raydiant screens to switch over to the meeting at the scheduled time—either on a specific date, or recurring weekly or monthly.
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