What is the best resolution for Flyers images?

Flyers makes it easy to craft flyers that will be sure to grab the attention of your customers. Flyers responsively adjusts the layout of your flyer based on the layout you select, the type of image you upload, and the amount of text you add.

The Flyers app offers three possible layouts for flyers with an image and text: hero, default, and flip

Hero - Your image will expand to fill the screen, and your text will be overlaid on the image. This is a great layout for when you want most of the focus on the image, with just a small amount of text. We recommend using a 1920x1080 image with this layout so that your image fills the screen perfectly.

Default - Your image will be displayed on the left side of your flyer, with the text on the right. We recommend using a portrait or square image with this layout. Landscape images—that is, images that are wider than they are tall—will be cropped to fit, and only the center section of the image will be displayed.

Flip - Your image will be displayed on the right side of your flyer, with the text on the left. As with the default layout, landscape images will be cropped to fit.

Best Practices

  • Flyers allow up to 100 characters for your header and 200 characters for your body text (including spaces). That way, your flyers are always readable at a distance!
  • Flyers supports JPGs, PNGs, and still and animated GIFs.
  • If your screen is set up vertically, use a 1080x1920 image with the hero layout for best results. In vertical mode, landscape or square images will work best with the default and flip layouts, while portrait images will be cropped to fit.
  • We recommend using high-resolution images for best results. While you can upload low-resolution images and Flyers will scale them up to fit the screen, you may see noticeable pixelation.
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